Types of Pine Straw 

types of pine straw

Pine straw is an excellent choice for many landscape applications. It retains moisture and forms a mat that will not wash away in heavy rains. It is also an excellent insulator, but not all pine straw is the same, and choosing the right one for your needs is important. Is All Pine Straw the Same?…

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How to Keep Pine Straw Looking Fresh 

how to keep pine straw looking fresh

How to keep pine straw looking fresh  Pine straw is an excellent choice for mulch. It helps retain moisture, adds a beautiful color and texture, and helps repel insects. Let’s see how to use pine straw mulch and what you can expect.  How Do You Keep Pine Straw Fluffy?  When pine straw is first laid…

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Pine Straw for Flower Beds 

pine straw for flower beds

Mulch is essential for your flower beds. It helps keep down weeds, keeps moisture in, and gives it a neat and tidy look. Choosing the right mulch is also a necessity, and you have many choices available. One of these choices is pine straw. Let’s explore pine straw as an option for your flowerbeds. Is…

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Does Pine Straw Attract Snakes? 

does pine straw attract snakes

You know the feeling. You hear an unexpected noise rustling through the pine straw mulch as you go about your spring landscaping chores. Was that a snake slithering away? If the thought of a snake in your beds makes you squirm, read on.  Does Pine Straw Attract Snakes?  The first thing that you might want…

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How Long Does Pine Straw Last? 

how long does pine straw last

Pine straw is a popular mulch that has been used since the 1980s. It is sustainable and covers a larger area than other mulches for the same price. If you have been thinking about pine straw mulch, here are a few questions you might have.  How Often Do You Need to Replace Pine Straw?  Pine…

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