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Pea Gravel For Dogs 

Pea Gravel For Dogs 

Creating an area for your dog is an excellent way to keep your dog healthy and happy. It is also a good way to preserve the rest of your lawn and landscape. Pea gravel is an excellent alternative for building a dog-friendly area. Let’s take a look at how this works. 

Is Pea Gravel Safe for Dogs?

 Pea gravel has soft, rounded edges that will not harm the pads of your dog’s feet. Some dog owners create a fenced exercise area with pea gravel as a base. Pea gravel also keeps dogs from getting dirty, compared to when they play and roll around in the grass. 

 Another benefit of pea gravel for dogs is that it prevents dirt from being tracked into the house. Your dog can play outside and then leave the gravel outside where it belongs when they come in.

prevents dirt from being tracked into the house

 You might even consider landscaping around the dog run and making it a part of the landscape design. Just make sure that all the plants you include are safe for your pet in case they should happen to nibble on them. 

 Pea gravel can provide a cool place to relax on hot days. It tends to remain cool, even in the sunshine. Also, you can wet down the stones for an extra cooling effect to keep your dog comfortable. 

Is Pea Gravel Good for a Dog Potty Area?

 One challenge with dogs is that their excrement contains high levels of nitrogen. This nitrogen raises the soil’s acidity, which can damage the lawn. This can lead to brown patches in the yard, and dogs tend to dig where they potty. All of this can lead to an unsightly lawn. 

 Pea gravel is an excellent way to give your dog a designated area to potty that will not damage your lawn. Pea gravel also tends to discourage digging tendencies. It is an excellent way to protect your grass, and it can help reduce odor. 

 Pea gravel makes cleaning up easy. You can easily scoop up the waste, and you can use a hose to wash away what is left. Pea gravel has good drainage and will allow the water to soak in without remaining soggy on top. 

 You can think of pea gravel like kitty litter for dogs, but it will not blow away in the wind or wash away. Enzyme-based products are also available that dissolve the feces so they can be easily washed away. 

How Do You Make a Dog Potty Area with Pea Gravel?

 Making a dog potty area is an excellent way to work your dog’s play or potty area into your landscape. You might want to purchase a dog run or proper fencing to begin your project. Surrounding it with lumber can help keep the pea gravel in place. Ensure that if you do that, the lumber has not been treated in any way that could harm your dog if they happen to chew on it. 

 Pea gravel is an excellent choice of material for the top, but you might want to start with a few inches of limestone or gravel chips. Once this is down and smooth, you can add about two or three inches of pea gravel. You should lightly water the gravel and tamp it down to help it stay in place. 

 One thing to consider is that you want to make sure the gravel size will not get stuck between the pads of your dog’s feet easily. The appropriate size depends on the size of your dog. You should check your dog’s feet when they come in to ensure they do not have any pebbles stuck in their pads. 

 Pea gravel is a great solution for keeping your lawn pristine and allowing your dog to have an area to potty and play. It is easy to clean, discourages digging, and can help keep dirt out of your home.

 Pea gravel is fairly inexpensive, and if it becomes dirty or begins to break down, it is easy to place another layer on top. Giving your dog its own area in your yard will help keep them happier, and it will help keep you happier, too.

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